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Class Structure

Ballet Body Sculpture structured exercise class is focused on some key fundamentals of an optimal body development :

  • Core strengthening, Body Conditioning

  • Posture Alignment

  • Ballet 

  • Stretching & Flexibility Training


Goals & Benefits

The classes of Ballet Body Sculpture will significantly improve your:

  • Posture, Body Tone, Body Line & Grace

  • Coordination & Body Balance

  • Flexibility, Freedom of Movement & Body Strength

  • Expression, Artistry & Confidence


Dance experience is not required.  

The classes are structured using techniques of classical ballet that are combined with stretching and core strengthening exercises , that allow our clients to develop a perfect body outline, posture, toned muscles and confidence. Intense but gentle techniques that will work out the muscles – improving breathing, concentration, relaxation and fluidity.

No need of previous experience in ballet or dancing is necessary, just the enthusiasm to do something different and to sculpture your body in a graceful way. Ballet is a great release of stress, allowing you the freedom to express yourself through movement, with a demonstrable effect on the way you perceive yourself, and how others look at you.

After exercising on regular basis, I started to feel very good results not only in my coordination, flexibility and body awareness, but also in my posture as well as core strength. Something that I was unable to achieve in other exercise classes and gyms. ( Frances Terrible)



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Refine your perfect body lines using classical techniques of ballet!

Elegant Ballet Body Sculpture workout classes are created to refine a graceful posture and sculpt your perfect body lines using unique ballet exercise routines. Fun, challenging and very enjoyable artistic exercises with high impact results.


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